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September 20, 2012

Filoli Gardens

Frank, Jeannine and I drove to Filoli House and Garden down in Edgewood on the Peninsula. We arrived on a perfectly warm sunny day in California. The strong sun light washes out many of the subtle colors.

The sunken garden, planted with hot oranges and cool purples. Verbena bonariensis created a tapestry on the dark green yews behind it.

California coastal range is spectacular. Lots of lawn and lots of water to irrigate those acres of lawn.

That's largely healthy second growth coastal forest just south of San Francisco, CA. in it's typical dry colors of September. A sharp and interesting contrast with the salmon-starving irrigated lawn.

A good view of the sunken garden.

Look at the orange zinnas and purple verbenas create a ribbon of tapestry along that green yew hedge. I liked it; But it lacked the depth of those English garden we just visited. Good try California.

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