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October 22, 2013

Digging Dog Nursery Tour

I first came across Digging Dog Nursery on the web when I was searching for the many interesting and lovely plants I saw in England last year. Then I saw their booth at the SF flower and garden show where they had both Patty's Plum and Rosa glauca. I have been smitten for these plants ever since I saw them in England.

I wanted to make it up to Mendocino for their October plant sale but did not want to drive the 3.5 hour trip alone. I invited other gardeners in SF in hopes to have a companion. The plant sale and weekend along the coast had universal appeal as almost everyone I invited came. In all 7 of us went and had a great time.

The lovely view of the Pacific Ocean from the house we were fortunate to spend the weekend. The 75' cliff is just beyond those trees.

Vineyards of Anderson Valley.

The Redwoods along highway 128.

Digging Dog's growing yard with their demonstration beds along the perimeter. There was a Chill in the air and some true fall color that we don't see in The City.

Look at this photo until you see the horse sculpture. It was invisible in person too.

Ceanothus 'Marie Simon' One of my many acquisitions.

Our accommodations in Little River.

Four Cormorants in the tree. They were just sunning themselves but stopped for this photo op.

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