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March 29, 2014

Dearborn Community Garden in the Heart of the Mission

Spring came quickly this year, in fact, we never really had our normal winter rains. We are under voluntary 10% water reduction. Aside from that ominous drought, our Spring has been a good mix of showers with plenty of sunshine. Two weeks ago everything started to burst forth. Here's some of the highlights from plot #12:

We doubled the size of our Rubus structure. Last year we had so many wonderful blackberries we decided to give it more room by growing it over our plot shading our lettuce.

Here's a proud Frank fresh from pruning the Fig and Persimmon along the concrete wall. (Plot in foreground is #27; Our old plot a couple years ago.)

Grown in these Airpots is 3 types of mustard greens, arugula, chard and some lettuce.

Purple and yellow peas.

View outside on Dearborn Street looking toward the Women's Building on 18th Street.

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