May 10, 2014

Frank's Gardener Club Tour

Frank has put together another tour of San Francisco gardens.  This one is exclusive to professional gardeners, horticulturists, arborists and the likes.

First up: Eric & Jason.  A collectors garden focusing on the subtropical and water-wise plants from other Mediterranean climates.  Below a creeping Oxalis.

Babaco or mountain papaya

An unplanned gem.   The next garden, 'Garden Together' Dino's neighbor's driveway.

Pittosporum 'Tom Thumb' 

 Dino aka Garden Together's micro cottage garden.

Dearborn Community Garden.   Showcase the 45 gardeners micro allotments and Lotta's Rose border along Bird Street.

Does anyone know this rose?  No one here knows the name.   Soft yellow petals with dark orange to red stamen.  Quite lovely. 

Rosa 'Fourth of July'

Next up, Christopher's sloppy arborist garden. His words, not mine. 

Extra points for real Dove eggs.

 Finally cocktails, I mean the last garden, mine.  This is my Glen Park garden on Chenery.   I've been working this garden for almost 9 years now.  All these photos were taken by Dino.  Much appreciation to see my work through anothers lens.  Thank you Dino!
Orlaya grandiflora 'Minoan Lace'

Nemophila menziesii 'Penny Black' with Atriplex hortensis var rubra

Papaver commutatum 'Lady Bird' - Are these name after Lady Bird Johnson.  Wife to LBJ and Texas wildflower savior. 

Very tall, over 7 feet Thalictrum 'Elin' from Digging Dog Nursery in Mendocino.  

One of Dino's least favorite plants, Salvia leucantha. It is invaluable in this thick heavy clay.  It is tough enough to thrive.  I divided each clump to 20% every year.  That way it blooms non-stop from April through December.  Although this is the most common of plants most let it get congested and it stops looking good.  Excited about Salvia leucantha 'Velour', a cultivar I got from Flora Grubb Gardens.  The blooms are white with a pale pink center as it ages.  Very excite to work with this unusual variety of this most mundane plant. 

The white digitalis with calla lilies was inspired from a planting at the Eden Project in Devon, UK. 

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