April 15, 2017

Glen Park Perennial Terraces

Spring is in full swing this second week of April. Roses have just started to open along with the many annuals like Cerinthe and Orlaya. As next few weeks will burst into color, I wanted to share last year's photographs of my garden in Glen Park, San Francisco. I have been working this garden regularly, almost every Thursday, for thirteen years. So much has changed in that time. This year you see a lot of attention on spring bulbs and vigorous annuals. Enjoy.

Spring 2016 dominated by self sown arugula in the March photo above. We been planting an increasing number of white flowering plants to this hillside terrace bed.

Silhouettes of a gingko and snowball viburnum on a green fence and tall hedge of ficus and podocarpus.

Three Dutch irises back lit.

By the end of March 2016, this old rose, Rosa 'Sombreuil Climber', climbs a dieing Bay tree arching over the path to the studio. This vigorous white rose has a great fragrance and is creating a new canopy of green where the bay shows dieback.

I was so excited to see this pink rose in full bloom. Its another David Austin rose, Rosa 'Gertrude Jekyll'.

April 12, 2017

Low Impact Lawn Substitute

You would never know from our rainy winter that last year everyone was thinking severe drought.   This was installed last year one of our driest years.

SOUTHLAND ECOLOGY LAWN MIX:  Improved Turf Type Tall Fescue, Strawberry and Dutch White Clovers, Yarrow, California Poppy, Pimpernel, Baby Blue Eyes, Creeping Thymes.

I love the outcome.  The Baby Blue Eyes came out the first year but haven't seen it this year.  It's a tough crowd.  The clovers, fescue and yarrow are dominant.

 After a few weeks

 Watered in the fresh compost and let set for a couple of weeks to activate the soil.  Bring it to life.

 Cleared the perennial grass and weeds and spread an inch or so of compost.

The drought parched front lawn.  It wasn't looking good.

My Plant Palette

Here's my Spring 2017 plant palette.  These are plants that I either installed in one of my gardens or liked it in a nursery.

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April 11, 2017

Eureka Valley Terraced Garden

After a most glorious rainy winter, spring 2017 will be excessively floral.   Above is Winchester Cathedral, a David Austin rose with erigeron, Scottish thistle and a orange poppy.  Below is Forget-Me-Nots blooming just below a cottoneaster crown just leaving out.

Sunken garden or really a terraced garden on the slope of Eureka Valley in San Francisco.  Photo above is looking down into the garden with a rhododendron in full bloom.  Below, looking up to the rose terrace from the lawn.

March 02, 2017

Noe Valley Cottage Garden 3 or 4th year.

Today I passed by a garden I created 3 of 4 years ago. I stopped to see how it faired this very rainy winter for us. That's not a Halloween prop but a clump of miscanthus boldly plant next to the generously wide steps to the front door of this Arts and Crafts inspired building and garden.   Numerous gardens we saw in England inspired this planting.  Great Dixter keeps coming to mind.  I do stake it and bind the grass clump into a column tied off with twine.  

Planted tightly with perennials and grass-like plants grounded with five balls of clipped pittosporum.   The front door is framed with sentinel thujas in large terra cotta containers. And three clumps of choisya ternata including a pair of mock oranges in terra containers flanking the front door.

November 01, 2016

October Snapshots

I am trying out a new series of posts based on the month of the year.  Here in San Francisco, we have a bitterly cold July and August when the marine layer, or fog, rolls in from the ocean.  September warms up quickly and October is our second spring.  Below are snapshots from October 2016.

Noe Valley entry garden.

New lawn in St. Francis Woods.

Asters, or Symphyotrichum.  I've got to learn this new name.

With my true friend, Olivia at the Digging Dog Nursery.

English borders in the Marina.

September 30, 2016

Bulbs for Spring 2017

Here's some of the bulbs and tubers I ordered for next year.   If you like iries, your must check out Schreiner's Iris Gardens.

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