February 01, 2012

Pacific Heights Roof Deck

Here's a roof patio in Pacific Heights a year after I planted it. It is a southern facing patio that can really bake on those sunny days. In the top photo from the upper left: Phormium, Chamaerops h. cerifera, Lotus berthelotti and Philodendron xanadu.

In the next photo from the left:  Cordyline soledad with Lotus berthelotti, Podocarpus gracilior, Cussonia transvaalensis again with Lotus.  And the last photo is a Cycad with an amazing fern I got at Flora Grubb Gardens but can't remember the name.  

Eureka Valley Deck Planting

Playing with differing colors & textures.

 Blending this planting into the San Francisco skyline.

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