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August 19, 2014

Dahlia Show, San Francisco

California's Dahlia Society 2014 Flower Show at the Hall of Flowers in San Francisco. With more than 8 distinct forms and many more in a full spectrum of form only nature could make. Below are those that look outstanding to me.

Waterlily Form

Collarette form

Ball, Informal and Formal Decorative Forms

Pom Poms are a small group but my favorite form.

Orchette form of Dahlia.

Below are some of the dahlia cultivars that looks outstanding to me. Mostly due to color but also form.

Dahlia 'Harvey Koop'

Dahlia 'Elvira' is another favorite of mine.

D. Lo Blush

Dahlia 'Stillwater Plum'

Dahlia 'Veca Lucia'

Dahlia 'Clearwater David'

Dahlia 'Porcelain'

Dahlia 'Janice'

Dahlia 'The Phantom'

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