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June 30, 2017

Design Drawings

I often get asked if I do design.  Garden design.  Of Course!   Here's some design drawings.  Many are options that never realized.

On top of Liberty Hill, this Noe Street terraced garden is a new project.  I've been there about a year but haven't shown it here yet.  It needs a full season before it will show.

This is another fun garden for me.  It was a blank slate, I have complete control of what gets planted, removed,... This is really inspired a typical show garden you would see at Chelsea in London or any other the regional satellite garden shows in England.  It is an very typical 3 unit building in San Francisco's Marina neighborhood.

Tiny bed is dominated by an eucalyptus.  The owners were attrached to the idea of a terrace area of balled pittosporums and yews to be maintained as a green cloud.

Vicksburg Street in Noe Valley is a cute street.  Due to its location on the edge of a bluff that leads to the Mission, one side of the street, every building has a front garden.   Below is the back garden of double lot on Vicksburg.  This bed is dominated by a huge pepper tree.  It is a mix of clivias, aganthus and calla lilies.

Small backyard of two condos in Laurel Heights or is it Lower Pacific Heights.

Small inner courtyard out in the sands of Inner Richmond.

Funston front garden

Bernal Heights cottage with woodland orchard.

Patio installation Mission Dolores backyard.

June 24, 2017

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