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Mike's Urban Garden Services

My services are custom to both you and your garden. I look at the current state of your space and taylor services around your desires and your garden needs. My maintenance services vary from weekly care to seasonal tasks like pruning and mulching and many tasks in between.

Garden Tasks Offered:
-Garden restoration
-Garden design & installation
-Monthly garden maintenance contract
-Soil amending, composting systems
-Balcony & Container gardening
-Small sized tree pruning
-Irrigation repair and upkeep
-Bonsai root trimming
-Mentoring & garden coaching
-Dry stacked stone or brick walls
-Stone on sand patios
-DG pathways and patios
-Native and Mediterranean planting schemes
-Over 14 years in the industry.

Service - Design

What I have to offer is a process to develop a design based on your style, your site and my plant palette. Generally my design fee starts at $500 for an average SF backyard. For this fee, you would get an initial site visit, design drawings in elevation for all garden areas, a perspective drawing of the garden's main view, plant list with quantities, and expected yearly maintenance and fertilization schedules for the plants in your garden.

The proper procedure insures your ideas thrive.  A goal is to create an enliven space that brings you to your surroundings, reconnecting you with Nature.  My gardens are created to reflect the needs and personalities of my clients while maintaining a balance between aesthetics, quality, and function.


On-site meeting, we will discuss your ideas. We will develop specific solutions that combine your desires for your garden with what is possible given the site specifics (exposure to sun, moisture, soil content, etc.). I’ll advise and propose options for you to choose from. We will work together to identify ways the landscape can accommodate the garden you envision. We will figure out what will best suit your circumstances. I strive to create beautiful and functional gardens that are client-specific and site appropriate.  For $150, I will spend up to 1 hour with you in your garden.  This also includes a few follow up email for with details of our discussion.


After we generate ideas, I’ll provide a plan view of the proposed garden, specifying plant location, variety and quantity, as well as any hardscaping that may be involved.


I will follow the plan we have agreed on, soliciting further input along the way from you as needed. I have established relationship with some of the best nurseries for native, climate appropriate, and hard-to-find plants in the Bay Area and will work to get you the best price.


A yearly maintenance and fertilization schedule will be developed and recorded for your maintenance crews to follow.  My maintenance programs for a small garden start a $180/month for monthly service. Since San Francisco gardens are so unique, I must meet with you to assess the fee for your garden.

Garden Philosophy

Resource efficiency and conservation: reusing onsite materials, sourcing materials locally
Providing homegrown food for urban residents
Promoting biodiversity in the urban setting
Sustainable and organic practices build soil healthy soil and conserve water
Creating habitat
Providing ongoing ecological education
Organic fertilizers and pest control.
Compost, Compost, Compost.
Soft edges
Hand pruning

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