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June 22, 2018

Plant Profile: Datura wrightii

Up next in my plant profile is Datura wrightii.   I got mine at Annie's Annuals.   My friend Frank calls it a ditch plant and I'm sure he is right.   It thrives in disturb, impoverished soil.  I let a few of the seed heads ripen and toss them about my garden   They will come up where others won't, usually dry, crappy areas.   The leaves are beautiful and is the main attraction for me.  The blooms only last a day or two but are beautiful too.

June 14, 2018

Sowing Seeds for This Fall

Here's the seed packets I'm sowing for the fall 2018.   These Ageratum I found at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds look gorgeous.   I know they never look exactly like the photo on the seed packet or catalog but I have hopes for this one.   I like the electric blue.  Or how about a pink dandelion-like annual?

June 11, 2018

Mendocino Garden Update

It's been three years since I helped update the planting schemes in this Mendocino Coast house.   It is right on the coast, no less than 50 feet from the Pacific Ocean.   The wind can be fierce.   This part of the garden is the hot border.  Yellows, Oranges and Reds with a bit of cool purples.

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