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July 14, 2012


Before this trip to England in 2012, I didn't have much to say about hedges other than banality. There are a few things I retained from this experience and to have fun with hedges is one of those ideas. The gardens at Hidcote pushed my edge. In the top photo we see two different plants hedge into a single plane. I think those are Yews with a Boxwood silhouette.

Astonishing. (If you haven't noticed, this trip has also made me learn more superlatives.)

One comprised of deciduous Copper Beech and evergreen Holly.

Another Yew and Boxwood structure.

Finally a photo of me. Yes I was there in England next to this conifer and broadleaf evergreen hedge at Kiftsgate Court Garden.

Hedges from East Ruston Old Vicarage garden.

Another view of the Copper Beach/Holly hedge at Hidcote.

Special Plants private garden near Bath.

Hedges form RHS Rosemoor garden.

The rondel of Sissinghurst Castle from the tower.

Some casual or loose hedges of The Great Dixter garden.

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