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April 15, 2017

Glen Park Perennial Terraces

Spring is in full swing this second week of April. Roses have just started to open along with the many annuals like Cerinthe and Orlaya. As next few weeks will burst into color, I wanted to share last year's photographs of my garden in Glen Park, San Francisco. I have been working this garden regularly, almost every Thursday, for thirteen years. So much has changed in that time. This year you see a lot of attention on spring bulbs and vigorous annuals. Enjoy.

Spring 2016 dominated by self sown arugula in the March photo above. We been planting an increasing number of white flowering plants to this hillside terrace bed.

Silhouettes of a gingko and snowball viburnum on a green fence and tall hedge of ficus and podocarpus.

Three Dutch irises back lit.

By the end of March 2016, this old rose, Rosa 'Sombreuil Climber', climbs a dieing Bay tree arching over the path to the studio. This vigorous white rose has a great fragrance and is creating a new canopy of green where the bay shows dieback.

I was so excited to see this pink rose in full bloom. Its another David Austin rose, Rosa 'Gertrude Jekyll'.

Omphalodes linifolia 'Venus's Navelwort' from Annie's

By the last week of April, the Clematis 'Perle de Azur' is blooming top an unmotivated Korean dogwood.

May we still have the Clematis with verbena in the foreground.

A white Salvia leucantha 'Velour'

The first week of June and the peak of the Orlaya grandiflora 'Minoan Lace'

After our normal mini-winter in August, we get our Indian summer, or second spring in September. The pink flowering plant is, I believe, Podranea ricasoliana.  I train it up and through a balcony railing.  I prune it hard every winter.

It's hard to remember how dry it was last year.   September is almost at the end of our dry season.

Here's the first of our blooming plants at the turn of the new year.   A Gladiolus and the first of many new spring bulbs I planted last October.

This photo on the shortest day of the year allows you to see the terracing of the slope.  This winter was warm with plenty of wet winter storms.

First week of March 2017 and the Dutch irises and Cerinthe dominate this garden.

White Calla Lililes! The envy of many east coast gardeners.

I finally got the Erigeron karvinskianus to sprout of the very small cracks in the mortar.  It really adds a lot of charm to this rock wall and pathway.

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