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March 04, 2014

Streets of San Francisco - Late Winter 2014

Our beloved and healthy London Plane street trees on Market Street.* Some landscape architect consultate in the Bay Area thinks these do well here and keep planting them. Most recent additions along Valencia Street. *Sarcastic smart a**

I love these shallow wide urns in front of the Federal Court House. Complements those gigantic lights well.

Severn Alley? According to Alan from my community garden, its the last unpaved street in the City. Cute little white cottage at the end. Better than an Cul-de-Sac.

Eco-conscious fully compostable sidewalk refuse. (SF novelty?)

Art on my corner that didn't last long. Within two weeks it has been covered by at least five big tags. I can already see a tear in the pink guy's eye.

Cute little gate in Noe Valley.

A year or so after the new Phormium garden in Delores park was planted. Yuck. Many are already reverting.

Looking north at Mt Tam from Tank Hill.

Russian Hill abode.

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