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June 07, 2014

New Orleans & Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

On the outskirts of New Orleans, LA, there is the swamp.   An abused piece of "land" now protected by the National Park Service and now entering a healing phase.   All of the oyster shell mounds have been mined, all the old growth cedars have been harvested, the oil industry had its way, now nature is allow back in to reign. 

The bridge over the Kenta canal built to float out the huge cedar trees.

On the edge on the wetlands looking west toward Lake Salvador.

An alligator in the center of the photo along the near edge of water.   It may have been four feet long. 

The many colors of the French Quarter in New Orleans. 

Cats claw vine can engulf a building. 

Few garden spaces but here's a nice topiary of ficus pumila. 

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