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February 08, 2016

Norfolk, England - Xmas & NYE

My Holiday in England, December 2015.  Being in the spirit of vacation, I kept a safe distance from my phone.   Here are the few highlights from London & Norfolk.  

 Saint Pancras Hotel clock tower with international train station.  And Kings Cross train station across the street.  Two glorious train stations, I'm in heaven.

Olympic Park tree with halo.   I love their interaction with nature.  Some may say tree abuse, but haters will hate.

Live fence of dormant vines.

 Stainless steel bridges over London canals at Olympic Park.

Arriving after dark at Kings Cross newly renovated train station.   Well used and lovely. 

An interesting photo of an NYE scene in Manchester, England.   Fun City.

 Hoveton concrete fence post with lichen and wire.

Hoveton, Norfolk suburban house.  Brick and shingle wall.

 Blickling Hall

 Norwich arcade.
 Nothing is square in England.  Look at those windows.

 Winter in the Plantation Garden, Norwich.

 Buttress of Church, moss and shingle.

One of our hosts, Simon with Frank at Norwich train station heading back to London then San Francisco.

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