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September 26, 2017

Spring & Summer MUG Gardens

Here's a posting showing my professional gardens (MUG) for Spring & Summer this year, 2017. Starting in March, this garden is in Glen Park with lush green growth from a phenomenal season of rain. This years additions include the blue Dutch iris, Orlaya, Magnolia and Exochorda.

The terraced white garden with Viburnum, Choisya and Erigeron.

In April, this second garden is in The Marina district of San Francisco. A new garden for me. This is going into its second full growing season. In bloom, viburnium and woad.

Still in April, this is garden is in Bernal Heights. Lavendula, Banksia Rose.

Back in Glen Park, Roses are starting their first flush along with Snow Ball viburnium and cerinthe.

May in The Marina. The Gold and Silver Border is in peak blossom. Woad, allums, iries, among gold and burgundy.

May in Noe Valley with lots of interesting textures and colors contained by balls of green.

Rosa 'Lyda'

May on Potrero Hill with my mini perennial meadow.

Back in Glen Park with Orlaya and Nigella and Roses going crazy.

Noe Valley terraced garden in May.

Clover lawn with yarrow and English daisies.

Dearborn Community Garden plot #12 with poppies, verbascum and asters.

Back on Bernal Heights

Glean Park with verbena and ceanothus.

Rose climbing in dying bay tree.

Gold (woad) and Silver (Onopordum)

Asters with Agastache.

Rosa 'Queen of Sweden'

White Entry Garden.

Cloud Topiary

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