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April 30, 2018

Dearborn Bouquet and Bounty

We are currently reaping the wonderful bounty from our community garden plot.   This bouquet includes the unusual April Dahlia, Ranunuculus asiaticus 'White', white velarian and parsley.

I like to pack it in.  I don't want to see the soil.   I've combined the French intensive technique with my passive aggressive algorithm of editing annual seeds and perennial plants.   It's a tournament of the flowers;  May the best plant win.  But of course I stick my nose into the process, limiting those that are too vigorous and making sure there's an even succession of flowers.  It's all about the process.  I'm in control for a couple hours every Sunday.   Then Nature has her way for a week.

 Oh My.  That little white flowers in the back is my fleur du saison, Omphalodes linifolia 'Venus's Navelwort'.   I got these from Annies in the east bay city of Richmond.  Way do I love it?  it reseeds.  not too aggressive but plentiful.  The sprout are easily identified and become cute rosettes of bluish leaves that bolt to create an effervescent of dainty white dots.  So cute.

Symphyotrichum, commonly known as aster.   I think this is S. 'Little Carlow' but my notes are not complete on this one.

Borage and white valerian, two tough reliables for pathways.

Ranunculus asiaticus 'White', the pink form here.   You can't always trust the label.

These were surprises too.  It's hard to cull digitalis sprouts.  Or the mustard and poppies too.

This poppy was planned. 


This is the primary view of our plot from the picnic table.

Oh, the blue Ixia was opened earilier.   Subtle blue flowers are exquisite if you notice them.

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