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August 01, 2018

FOG! The beginning of our second winter....

July is the start of our second winter when this massive blanket of fog engulfs The City.   From now through August and sometimes mid-way through September, we surrender to depression and extra coffee.  Soup is good too.  I use some of this time to travel.  The photo below is from my roof deck looking toward Castro showing just the top of Sutro Tower on Twins Peaks.  In foreground is the spire for The Mission Delores.   

It's thick and takes all the sun's heat and mood lifting sunshine.  But beware, it doesn't filter the UV skin damaging rays.  Apparently residents in the western half of the city have elevate rates of skin cancer.   It's hard to remember to put sunscreen on when it's 45 degrees and windy outside.

From the football field of Mission High School, this photo captures the flow of fog over Twin Peaks down into Eureka Valley and the Castro neighborhood.   Spot Sutro Tower just to the right of the streetlight.

I hate driving through that mess of highway where 280 and 101 mix.   Note the low ceiling of fog hanging above Bayview Hill and a glimpse of the sun's golden rays peaking through evening sky.

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