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May 24, 2012

Chelsea Garden Show, London 2012

This one may be my favorite if I can say that.  This show was amazing and it blew my mind.  This is the work of Arne Maynard, a self taught German around my age.  There's hope.

This one by Andy Sturgeon.  He got a two page spread in Gardens Illustrated.  I love the metal circles and the drill black holes in the limestone.

Flemons Warland Designs - Ripple pool was cool.  Waves appears in the middle and radiated outward.  No drip, just a wave.  

This is by Thomas Hoblyn.   The detail I love in this photo is difficult to see.  It is a series of arched water sprays in between the two back hedges.  I fell for hedges on this trip to England.

This one is by Joe Swift.  They are all beautiful and implacable.  

This one is by Clive West.  These are the rock stars of the gardening world.  I heard this one cost 250,000 pounds.  That's 1.5 times the dollar. This was the gold medal winner of the show.

Could be L.A. but it's London.

Fun colors.  

Learned about pleaching Acer campestre here.

These two are by Nigel Dunnett.

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