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June 02, 2012

Rosemoor RHS Garden

There is much to see here and we've come to a routine when we visit the larger English Gardens. We start with a stroll out into the wooded area to see the Georgian landscapes. Then through the many sub gardens as we head our way back to the more formal gardens as we close in on the house. Starting in "Nature" and progressing toward civilization in completely respectful way.

The Royal Horticulture Society's garden at Rosemoor was our first RHS experience. I took home the impression that 'it's all about the plants' garden. None of the buildings were highlighted but played a supporting role framing the garden into it's rural/sub-urban setting. Plants were labeled well. After 10 days in the English countryside, we were still on the edge of London's sphere of influence. Rural is different over there and doesn't match my California term for rural.

Dry Garden with great contrasting colors and textures.

The Meadows were a consistant theme in all the gardens we visited. Here the mowed path leads us through the Orchard to the Vegetable Garden. I loved The Meadows. All were made up of different species. This one was mostly Ranaculus or Buttercups.

Water is important in all gardens. Wild life must have access to clean water and the reflection expands your space.

Rosemoor's Hot Garden made an impression. Purple yes. With chartreuse, burgundy & spots of orange. I love the Copper Beach.

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