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June 05, 2012

The Special Plants Nursery & Garden

This was one of the side trips that turned out well for us. The other being the discovery of East Lambrook Manor House. I'll show you that in a few days. Frank & I decided to stop by The Special Plants Nursery on our way to Prince Charles Highgrove House. We stumbled upon a garden tour and talk about hardy geraniums, starting in 5 minutes. Wow. A room full of old ladies and us two. Inspired to find some of the geranium hybrids as they'll look great in San Francisco gardens.

The weather was gray; great for photos but it was also raining. So we spend an hour drinking coffee, eating cake, talking plants and US & UK topics. Too wet for Highgrove House plus we didn't have tickets. We were advised it is usually sold out. We must order tickets next visit.

The first sighting of the famous Patty's Plum Poppy.

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