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June 24, 2013

Dearborn Community Garden - An Urban Vegetable Plot

I have shared this 12' x 8' plot with my friend and colleague for a couple of seasons now. We sowed a few interesting new plants from our trip to England. We mostly grow edibles but have a few purely ornamental plants we are testing for our other gardens.

Red Orach (Atriplex hortensis rubra) in a neat row behind the bench with Rubus and Tragopogon.

Red Orache seed heads above some blue cabbage heads mixed in with watercress and potatoes.

Tragopogon above Scottish white thistle (Onopordum nervosum) and: Woad (Isatis tinctoria), parsley, dandelion and pole beans. We pack a lot of food into this plot.

Trapopodon crocifolius (Purple Jack Go To Bed At Noon)

Babaco Papaya from the high altitude Andes. This one has never set fruit and produces dozens of flowers on axial inflorescence. Much different then the other two known Babacos in San Francisco.

Carrots, Lettuce, Amaranth, Mustard Greens and Beans.

Very productive Rubus.

Onopordum nervosum

Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus 'Lisa Marie')

Phaseolus vulgaris (Purple Teepee Bean)

We like to let things set seed to replenish next seasons crop starting in October.

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