May 10, 2014

Annies Nursery & Wave Garden, Point Richmond

On April 12th, 2014, I travel across the bay to Annies' Nursery in Richmod. They we having their annual Spring fete. It was great too see everyone there and listen to the eatable garden lecture.

On our way home, Dino stops by the wave garden. I've never heard of it but it is in Point Richmond on the San Pablo Bay. Or is it San Francisco Bay?

Anyway, they apparently shop at Annies. If you want to see Annies products in the garden this is a good place to visit. As I understand it is private property but is open to the public.

Almost too much concrete.

There was something about this planting that dazzled in the light. Although I think the photo looks good, it doesn't convey what you see in person.

Good Bye!

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