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August 03, 2014

Brighton, UK

The last weekend of our trip culminated with Brighton's gay pride celebration.  A fun diverse tourist industry catered to vast hordes arriving from London and beyond.   Gay pride is the cities largest event bringing more people to the already large groups of English couples, Muslim couples and families, straight, gay, old and new.   It's a city that knows how to entertain. 

Brighton is historically the tourist get away spot for England.  An hour train ride from London means it can entertain large numbers of day tourist.   Extra trains back to London left late into the night via their special red queuing scheme.   Our train home was a party train. 

The English love Ferris wheels.   London on the Thames, Mancester downtown square and here Brighton is on the Channel. 

Flea market with Simon and Frank. 

And they know how to plant a Victorian bed.

Out the window of The King & Queen on to Victoria Park where the Radical Fairies have a drum circle.

Lovely iron work. 

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