September 27, 2015

Bay Street Entry Garden

My latest installation in the front entry stairwell for a building in the Marina neighborhood.   This low light interior space is open only to the sidewalk.  It's a southern exposure with bright indirect light reflexing off the sidewalk.

The primary view from the sidewalk on Bay Street.

The secondary view is from above as one is descending the stairs.  Here I used a grouping of plant that all look circular from above and with variety of colors and textures.   Other than green and cream variegation the only color I used is red/pink and silver.  

x Fatshedera lizei 'Angyo Star', Philodendron'Xanadu', Begonia 'Ginny', Asplenium, Neoregelia, Heuchera 'Paprika' and Dicondra argenta 'Silver Falls'

Ming Aralia

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