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May 12, 2018

4/4 Garden Tour - San Francisco Gardener's

Finally to my terrace garden in Glen Park.  This is my masterpiece.  Double wide lot on a south face slope.  The brunt of the Pacific is buffered by the cliffs of Glen Canyon.  An exceptional microclimate; it is the soil that is a challenge.   It has been at least two, maybe three years since I last showed this garden to a group and the changes are dramatic.  The changes include huge addition of white flowers, new roses, irise, alliums, poppies, ranunculus, scabiosa, Sidalcea hendersonii (Henderson's Checkermallow).   Pinks and purples are good too but no hot colors. This spring I began a project to extend the formal white garden 5 fold up into what was the mediterranean terrace and will become the white cottage garden.

Funny thing when I host a garden, I am too busy talking about the plants I forget to take photos.   I got four this year.  But of course, I have more photos of this garden then of my cats.   Resident cat 'Diesel' loves to photo bomb. 

Here's this years group of gardeners.  Left to right, Sam, Orchid, Frank, Jeannine, Mike, Emil, Dean and Lane (Oh, I hope I got that right) Sam gave me a great compliment.  He says, "Looks so natural".  I says "There's nothing natural about it.".  Sam looks me in the eye and says, "I know".

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