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May 07, 2018

SPRING Flowers of San Francisco

Twenty-five plants in blossom in my 12' x 7' raised bed.

So our seasons or climate are not like everyone else's. Forget your New England Lilac. English Tulips.  No.  We have distinctive growing seasons. Mainly growth, slumber, muted growth and finally rest. Those translate to spring summer, fall and winter of most of the rest of North American and Europe.

In San Francisco, you may see Dahlias blooming in the ground in February. Or Asters in May. Most perennials shrubs I work with will bloom twice every year. We have SPRING, dry, spring, water.

"Blue" Breadseed poppy, Red Poppies (Shirley poppies?), Allium 'Purple Rain', Ranunuculus asiaticus 'White', Rubus, Borage, Aster novae-angliae 'Skyscraper' (Symphyotrichum), Lathyrus 'Lisa Marie', Digitalis, Aster 'Chieftan', Red Streak Mustard, Omphalodes linifolia 'Venus's Navelwort'.

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